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Aluminium Safety Helmet


Aluminum Helmet (Skullbucket)

The aluminum hard hats in a cap style version. Complies with the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Standards for a class C helmet and has all the features of the full brim hard hat above.

In addition, the metal cap style hard hat is contructed with an accessory slot for faceshields, earmuffs, pencil clippers and other hard hat attachments.

Comes with 4 point Ratchet Suspension.

Some Industries Using The Skullbucket Hard Hat

- U.S. Forestry Service
- Logging Industry
- Oil Well Firefighting
- Gas/Oil Drilling
- Water Well Drilling
- Construction
- Boat Building
- Crane/Heavy Equipment Operators
- Safety Inspectors
- Demolition Industry

Complies with ANSI Z89.1, 2003, Type 1 Class C Standards (not approved for work around electrical hazards)

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